Last Mile Team

Last Mile Team is an Artificial Intelligence-driven, tech-intensive, innovative-accredited Spanish startup that develops inclusive digital solutions to bolster goods road transport sustainability, efficiency and resilience, and accelerate its twin green and digital transitions.

Winner, among others, of the Mobility Challenge at #innovateagainstthevirus 2020, of the Spanish National Mobility Award 2021 and of the European ENTRANCE Open Challenge 2021 competition.

Distinguished by its innovation and technology as an EIT Urban Mobility Business Creation’s “Portfolio Company”. Selected as a Case Study of Sustainability and Social Responsibility Good Practices in the European logistics and transport sector, by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), for its strong focus on breaking the digital divide and improving drivers’ working conditions.

Last Mile Team is mainly involved in the Green City Logistics Framework and LEAD Value Cases, the Digital Twin Model and Simulation Environment and the Madrid Living Lab Implementation and Operational Validation work packages.