Southern University of Science and Technology

Southern University of Science and Technology is a public institution funded by the municipal government of Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley and the epicentre of China’s economic miracle and ingenuity over the past 35 years. SUSTech is widely known as a pioneer for higher education reform and innovation in China. The mission of the University is to become a globally recognized research university which emphasizes academic excellence and promotes innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. SUSTech will participate in the project through the Advanced Smart Infrastructures and Analytics Lab (ASIALab) at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering that aspires to be a world class multinational team of scientists conducting cutting edge world leading research in the fields of Systems, Analytics and Simulation.

SUSTC has strong expertise in data-driven agent-based simulation, autonomous and embedded systems design, AI, evolutionary computation and optimisation and smart city technologies. SUST will be the key actor for international bilateral activities with China and will coordinate all Chinese partners of the project.