LEAD Concept
and Objectives

Value cases co-design

We will develop a contextual framework to support the design and implementation of cost-effective sustainable integrated city logistics systems, by involving stakeholders in the co-creation of innovative last mile solutions and services that address the needs of the on-demand economy.

Digital Twinning Tools

We will design and develop a simulation-based impact assessment environment and a Digital Twin Model, for evaluating alternative city logistics strategies, measuring the impact of interventions and supporting well informed data-driven decision and policy making.

Validation in Living Labs

We will demonstrate and validate project concepts and tools in six intervention areas (Madrid, The Hague, Lyon, Budapest, Oslo, Porto), with heterogeneous urban, social and governance conditions and logistics profiles, representative of the European diversity, involving all actors in exploring combinations of different measures toward implementing optimal logistics solutions.


We will formulate a Roadmap towards PI-inspired zero emission city logistics consolidating project experiences from the Living Labs, accelerate take-up of sustainable solutions through stakeholder engagement and capacity building and provide practical guidelines on the use of LEAD tools and Digital Twins in SUMPs and SULPs process steps.