Turning Retail stores to electric vehicles charging stations


The capillarity and convenience of retail stores networks (in Portugal Sonae operates 697 stores), provides a possibility of using them as B2B and B2C electric charging docks. This creates an advantage in the expansion of such grids and sustains a business case that mixes energy distribution, retail, logistics and transportation, leveraging & integrating synergies from all markets.


LEAD Strategies to be explored

  • Retailer – Energy provider partnership
  • Retailer stores as EDVs charging docks
  • Retailer owned EVs fleet managment
  • Dynamic pricing application, e-commerce platform



The LL will explore:

  1. The optimization of delivery routes for EDV’s, taking into consideration the potential grid of EDV charging stations.
  2. EDV’s take-up projections if the grid enables mass adoption.
  3. The development of new business models (e.g. dynamic pricing, incentives research, cost optimization, demand forecast, emissions and supply planning) targeting reduction by 25% in CO2 emissions by 10% in costs per km.
  4. Leveraging Sonae’s digital platform to capture additional e-commerce growth, with new services to consumers.
  5. Last Mile optimization for e-commerce deliveries based on PI principles.