Turning Retail stores to electric vehicles charging stations


The capillarity and convenience of MC Sonae stores on the top of the electric mobility infrastructure that is being currently deployed in several stores for B2C, provides as well a possibility of exploring it for new B2B scenarios, oriented to delivery/logistics services, based on a PI mindset and electric mobility. This creates an advantage in the expansion of such grids and sustains the Porto Living Lab that mixes energy distribution, retail, logistics and transportation, leveraging & integrating several synergies.

LEAD Strategies to be explored

Some key LEAD strategies will be considered, applied and/or simulated through the Digital Twin, such as: B2C home deliveries (and at Pick-up-points, located at some specific stores), e-vehicles (e-vans); light electric vehicles (e-motorbikes); identification of which of the retail stores should have a EDV charging station and, finallt, route optimization (based on the PI Network concepts).


  1. The optimisation of delivery routes for EDV’s.
  2. Comparisons between AS-IS and TO-BE scenarios, including the environmental, social and economic dimensions.
  3. The development of new business models, including related real-experiments and simulations.
  4. Leveraging Sonae’s digital platform to capture additional e-commerce growth, with new services to consumers.
  5. Last Mile route optimization for e-commerce deliveries based on PI principles.